• An inaugural event for the China food tech opportunity​

    2050 China Food Tech Summit is the first influencer gathering devoted to food innovation investment for the Chinese market.


    In the next decades, food technology and innovations that can succeed in China will have worldwide impact. With it being one of the largest food economies, China has a key role to play as we look to feed 9.6 billion people globally by 2050. For those bringing radically new ideas to address food security, safety, and nutrition challenges, China presents a unique and urgent opportunity.


    If you are an investor, food company, or startup that shares this view, don’t miss the 2050 China Food Tech Summit.



    A bridge to insider knowledge and connections

    Through a series of panel discussions, fireside chats, and roundtables, the 2050 China Food Tech Summit will answer these key questions:


    What food tech innovations from around the world can be applied to address China’s challenges?


    From IP to regulations, what do food tech entrepreneurs need to know in navigating the challenges in this environment?


    What forces are fueling e-commerce trends in China and what opportunities do they create?


  • 2050 China Food

    Tech Summit Agenda


    Wed Sept 26, 2018

    PwC Shanghai Innovation Centre

    *Bilingual program, with live interpretation provided





    Welcome Address



    Cellular Agriculture Technology Session: Producing Meat Directly from Animal Cells


    Yaakov Nahmias, Founder, Future Meat Technologies; Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem



    Panel: China’s Future of Proteins

    With China’s economic boom since the 1990s, its appetite for meat has grown many folds. Given the climate and environmental consequences of meat consumption, could food innovation trigger systematic behavioral change and curb demand for traditional meat products? From plant-based and edible insects to cultured meat, what opportunities does China offer to this emerging breed of alternative protein startups?



    Elaine Siu, Managing Director, China, The Good Food Institute


    Hazel Zhang, Founder & CEO, VegPlanet

    Rom Kshuk, CEO, Future Meat Technologies

    Taly Nechushtan, CEO, InnovoPro



    Accelerating Agri-Tech Innovations in China

    China has 20% of the world’s population and only 7% of its arable land. How great is the opportunity for technology and business model innovation to safeguard food security in China? Is it possible to blend the best ideas of commercial agriculture with organic farming, local food, and environmental conservation to deliver food products that consumers will accept? What are the driving forces and challenges?



    Ian Lahiffe, China Agritech Consultant


    Jack Chen, Senior Investment Manager, IFU Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries

    Vincent Martin, China FAO Representative

    Wilfred Feng, Scientist, Keller and Heckman






    Genetic Engineering Technology Session: Deconstructing Gene Editing for Agriculture​


    Gilad Gershon, CEO, Tropic Biosciences



    Chinese Panel: Tuning into the Chinese Consumer

    China’s consumer landscape is going through transformation at a pace and scale unparalleled. Its e-commerce has exploded from less than 1 percent of worldwide transactions a decade ago to now exceeding 40 percent. Working consumers are climbing the income ladder to create a massive middle class characterized by a strong appetite for discretionary spending.


    How are these forces shaping emerging food companies and large corporations in China? From product design to customer engagement to supply chain, how are innovators in China listening to consumers and adapting in this fast-moving market?



    Charles Yang, Journalist, CBN Weekly


    Leo Zhang, President, Food Industry Group, New Hope Liuhe

    Xiaoyue Pan, Co-founder, 321Cooking

    Zhiwei Wang, CEO, Penguin Guide



    Fireside Chat with Thierry Garnier, Carrefour China Chairman & CEO ​






    Lunch & Learn Session

    Meet the Experts Roundtable: Legal Considerations for Novel Foods in China

    Roundtable lead:

    Wilfred Feng, Scientist, Keller & Heckman



    3 Chinese Entrepreneurs Present their Technology Solutions

    Triton Algae Innovations


    Easy Foods



    Blockchain Technology Session: Decentralizing Food Supply Chains


    Branimir Rakic, Co-founder and CTO, OriginTrail



    China Insider Panel: Food Safety Matters

    Violations and arrests against food fraud and adulterations are frequent and growing. These reports are further eroding consumer trust. What innovations can improve food transparency and accountability?



    Todd Redwood, Global Food Operations & Compliance Director, BSI Group


    Andy Kusumo, Director of Science and Technology, Monde Nissin

    David Wei, Senior Manager, Food Supply & Integrity Services, PwC

    Kitty Wang, Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs for Greater China, PepsiCo



    Investor Discussion: The Role of Investors in Shaping the Future of Food

    What is food tech from investors’ perspective? What level of risk are they willing to take and how do they deal with the lifecycle of investments in this category?



    Xin Li, President, Sustenture


    Anuj Maheshwari, Managing Director, Temasek

    Erich Sieber, Founder, PeakBridge Partners

    Gary Zhu, Managing Partner, Tiantu Capital






    AI Technology Session: How Analytics Helps F&B Companies Predict Consumer Preferences


    Jason Cohen, Founder & CEO, Analytical Flavor Systems



    Panel: A Healthier China

    More and more Chinese consumers are prioritizing healthy ingredients in their food choices. How might startups and food corporations adapt to these shifting consumer demands? Could working together get them there faster?



    Shirley Lu, Food Innovator


    Ana Henriques, Senior Director, Nutrition Category, China, PepsiCo

    Craig Swan, Technical Director, Greater China and Korea, Givaudan

    Loris Li, Associate Director, Food and Drink Expert, Mintel

    Verleen Goh, Co-Founder, Alchemy Foodtech



    Open Innovation Panel: Cooperation between Big Food and Startups

    More and more food brands are starting their own innovation groups and venture arms to better engage startups for innovations that can energize the brand and advance consumer trust. Why are food companies seeking collaboration with startups? What value do they bring? What are the models for this to work? How do we build a food industry that takes advantage of creativity and innovation?



    Yao Chen, Project Lead, Strategic Initiatives, IDEO Shanghai


    Alexandre Nicolau, Innovation Manager, Suntory Holdings Ltd

    Junkuan Wang, Scientific External Partnerships Manager, Nestle Research Singapore Hub

    Ryan Chaw, Senior Manager, External Technology Acquisition (ETA), The Coca-Cola Company

    Sara Roversi, Founder, Future Food Institute



    Startup Showcase and Sampling, and Networking

    *Food and Drinks served




  • The first edition of the 2050 China Food Tech Summit has come to a close. Thank you.

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  • Confirmed speakers for the 2050 China Food Tech Summit​

    Alexandre Nicolau is responsible for open innovation activities for Suntory Corporate, building bridges between Japan and the rest of the world. In his role, he focuses on scouting and incubating emerging technologies, seeking radical innovative ideas, and building partnerships with universities, incubators, SMEs, and start-ups.

    Alex Nicolau

    Innovation Manager,

    Suntory Holdings Ltd


    Anuj Maheshwari  

    Managing Director, Investment,



    Craig Swan

    Technical Director,

    Greater China & Korea, Givaudan


    Erich Sieber


    PeakBridge Partners


    Gilad Gershon


    Tropic Biosciences


    Jack Chen

    Senior Investment Manager,

    IFU Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries


    Junkuan Wang

    Scientific External Partnerships Manager,

    Nestle Research Singapore Hub


    Loris Li

    Associate Director,

    Food and Drink Expert, Mintel


    Sara Roversi


    Future Food Institute


    Thierry Garnier

    President & CEO,

    Carrefour China


    Vincent Martin

    FAO Representative,



    Xin Li




    Yaakov Nahmias


    Future Meat Technologies

    Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


    Ana Henriques leads the Nutrition Category for the Greater China Region and has spent the past 2 years driving the growth of the Quaker business. She has held PepsiCo leadership roles across the Nutrition category, including juice, dairy, and the grains portfolio.

    Ana Henriques

    Senior Director, Nutrition Category,



    Branimir Rakic

    Co-founder & CTO,



    David Wei

    Senior Manager,

    Food Supply & Integrity Services, PwC


    Fei Jiao


    Easy Foods


    Hazel Zhang

    Founder & CEO,



    Jason Cohen

    Founder & CEO,

    Analytical Flavor Systems


    Kitty Wang

    Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs,

    Greater China, PepsiCo


    Rom Kshuk


    Future Meat Technologies


    Shirley Lu

    Food Innovator



    Todd Redwood

    Global Food Operations & Compliance Director,

    BSI Group


    Wilfred Feng


    Keller and Heckman


    Xun Wang

    President and CEO,

    Triton Algae Innovations


    Zhiwei Wang


    Penguin Guide


    Andy Kusumo

    Director of Science and Technology,

    Monde Nissin


    Charles Yang 


    CBN Weekly


    Elaine Siu

    Managing Director, China,

    The Good Food Institute


    Gary Zhu

    Managing Partner,

    Tiantu Capital


    Ian Lahiffe

    China Agri-Tech Consultant



    Jean Zhao




    Leo Zhang


    Food Industry Group, New Hope Liuhe


    Ryan Chaw

    Senior Manager, External Technology Acquisition (ETA), The Coca-Cola Company


    Taly Nechushtan




    Verleen Goh

    Chief Food Fighter and Co-Founder,

    Alchemy Foodtech


    XiaoYue Pan




    Yao Chen

    Project Lead, Strategic Initiatives,

    IDEO Shanghai



    Partner Events


    China Beyond the Headlines:

    One Day Immersion with IDEO


    Tuesday September 25, 2018 Shanghai


    An intimate full-day excursion in Shanghai led by IDEO, where you'll experience first hand the digital tools, services, and ecosystems shaping Chinese consumer behaviors today.

    • Get IMMERSED in the Chinese digital lifestyle and understand the macro drivers of local innovation
    • Be PROVOKED by industry disruptors who will inspire you to start future-proofing your business
    • Build CONNECTIONS with your peers in a private setting through small group activities and facilitated discussions

    Cost: USD $670 (RMB 4,500)


    *Limited spots available, up to 15 participants.


    Partner Events


    Taste of China, an exclusive journey of flavors by Givaudan

    Thursday September 27, 2018


    On September 27, Givaudan hosts an intimate experience to give an insider look at the emerging flavor trends in China as well as the flavor and taste technology to satisfy today’s consumer palate.

    From tradition to novelty, what are the sensory experiences that delight today’s food consumers in China?

    What are some of the flavor trends that are shaping consumer habits?

    How are flavor and taste technology solutions being applied to address today's health and nutritional requirements?

    How might these technologies help get consumers excited about the next novel beverage or snack product or non-animal protein foods of the future?

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